Software Selection for Better ROI

Step by step, planning and implementation in an agile environment. It helps to keep client focusing on their projects.  No interruption to your work at all! It will result in achieving digital transformation by effective change management as per schedule.

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Beat Your Competitors!

Do you want to analyze cost and schedule impact of your projects on your business? If yes, then contact us. Beat your competitors by selecting right software to enhance productivity, integration and ROI.

Software selection by Gleeym
Software Selection Strategy - GleeYM

Risk Software Selection Strategy

Consider scalability, integration, right fit, easy to use, value proportion while selecting the Risk software to implement for your projects and business. Establish criteria and then select on the basis of it. 

Enhance Productivity

Save thousands of dollars and man-hours by consulting and hiring us. Wrong risk software selection will have cascading effect. How? Contact us. The risk software selection, planning and implantation process require the knowledge of planning, digital transformation and change management.

Software Selection 2
Data Analytics for Risk Analysis by Gleeym

Data Analytics For Risk!

One of the key purpose of having PMO is to collect and analyze the data. It is only possible with the right selection of a risk software and incorporate the results into your decision making. Planning and implementing  software at enterprise level required  due-diligence.

GleeYM typically offers valuable services in performing cost and schedule risk analysis for decision making under uncertainty. 


Furthermore, for your PMO, projects/programs or business, GleeYM can help you with a valuable service to pick and incorporate risk management software for decision making and meeting strategic goals. The services are:

1- Risk software for qualitative risk analysis, including risk register template for project and program.
2- Risk software for quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis.
3- Risk software for risk workshop facilitation and project portfolio management.
4- Risk software for MS Project or Primavera P6 users to perform quantitative cost, and schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation.
5- Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and GRC software
6- Risk software for performing what if analysis for business and financial risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in Excel.
7- Cloud based risk software.
8- Risk software for critically analyzing outages and turnaround risks.

Contact us, whether you want to select and implement a standalone or enterprise level software. We will walk you through the planning process and implementation methodology. 


Reasons to hire GleeYM:

1- Productivity: Step by step, implementation in an agile environment. It helps to keep client focusing on their projects  No interruption to your work at all! It will result in achieving digital transformation by effective change management as per schedule.

2-Do you want to analyze cost and schedule impact of your projects on your business? If yes, then contact us.

3- Save thousands of dollars and man-hours by consulting and hiring us. Wrong risk software selection will have cascading effect. How? Contact us.

4- Integrating Software with an existing system. It will help you to save time and money to avoid fire fighting or workaround. Is it possible? Yes, contact us.

5- Short learning curve will positively enhance productivity. What do you mean by short learning curve? GleeYM will plan and design effective multiple training rollout sessions for the direct or indirect (functional/operations team) stakeholders. It will help project team to learn software quickly and efficiently deliver the work as per the management’s expectation.


When people consider  software selection and implementation for a PMO, they immediately think of a Known software or ask randomly to any expert. Mostly, department managers consult SME after selecting and even purchasing the software. That not only a cost to the company, but the productivity also goes down.

Why to choose GleeYM?

1- Extensive experience in managing small and mega complex projects in various countries onsite and online.

2- Expertise in planning, designing, and implementing Enterprise level Risk Management software for a PMO at an enterprise level.

3- Dedicated software/IT team available to manage software implementation either desktop based or cloud.

4- Dedicated Team with filthy “Cloud Migration” experience.

5- Team of Software developers with extensive experience in software customization, integration, and business intelligence, including dashboards.

Mind Map for risk software by GLEEYM
Fig 1 - Mind Map for Risk Software Selection

Still Thinking?

Let us arrange a one -to-one session to discuss. It’s worth spending $99 before draining your hundred thousand dollars. Book one-to-one session.

Want to Implement in Stages or as per Requirement?

Sure, we can help you to implement risk software in stages or implement solution as per the requirement:

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have extensive risk management experience. Implemented risk management software and EPPM at enterprise level PMO. We have have dedicated developers team to manage customization and software implementation. 

No, It depends upon client’s requirement. As mentioned above, we can assist to select even single software license.

Yes, we have a cost-effective solution for a MS project user.

Mostly companies are using excel for communicating. We have developed and implemented risk register, developed in excel, for many organizations.  We also offer quantitative risk analysis solution based on Excel through our partner.  Furthermore, our dedicated team can help you to develop solution based on MS SharePoint and Power BI.

No, It’s a transferable skill. We are open to discuss and implement software for a PMO. Whether it’s a small business or a large business.

Yes, we have dedicated software development team with collective experience of serving various clients across the globe.

Yes, we offer cost and schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation. Also, we offer project financial analysis like discounted cash flows and business risk analysis including financial risk analysis. visit for real case studies and webinar.

We can engage consultant to manage the cyber security related assignments.