Training to Revitalize your Business

GleeYM offers customized, tailor-made training to train individuals and the team. Our popular training is Risk Management Training, focusing on discussion based approach to discuss the bottlenecks/problem. 

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Training, Keeping in View Big Picture!

GleeYM offers training to envisage big picture. Our training will be helpful to equip yourself with the latest technology to impart your expertise for mega complex capital project at enterprise level. 

Training with respect to big picture by GleeYM
Online Training by GleeYM

Online Training!

GleeYM offers online training for individuals and the team. Our methodology is case study based training. Open communication, collaboration and discussion based session will help you out to stand out! 

Value Added Training!

Value added training sessions to rain you on Risk analysis software, Risk Analysis for MS Project User, Training on software like, Safran Risk, Risky Project, PMO Setup, Project management, Project Risk Management, and Risk Register Development, etc. 

Training to Add value by GleeYM
Gleeym offers best training

Choose the Best Trainer!

Our Trainers are proficient, experienced and tech savvy. They have solid experience in industry, training and Academia. Capable of planning and designing courses that meet your requirements.


Online and Customized Training

Training Offers

GleeYM Inc. offers focused, customized and tailor made training on-site and on-line. IF you have any particular inquiry, then contact us. Training includes: 

  • Risk Based Planning for Project, program Business and new start ups
  • Project Risk Management
  • Schedule Risk Analysis for MS Project User
  • Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis using Risky Projects
  • Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis using Safran RIsk
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • PMO Setup, Project Management System and Software Deployment
  • Mind Mapping for Effective Planning
  • Enterprise Software and project Management system Deployment
  • RiskyProject for Advanced project risk management using Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Mind mapping for deployment of PMO 
Online and Onsite Training in a hybrid environment
Online & Onsite Training


Customized Training

Offer tailor made customized training for a group of professionals online or offsite. how?

  •  Arrange a meeting and let us know your challenges
  • We will develop a training to address you challenges

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