Facilitating Workshops Onsite & Online

GleeYM Offers Workshop Facilitation to help you to make the best decisions for your business, problem solving, product development, digital transformation and projects.  Contact us whether there is a requirement of an onsite or online workshop.

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Facilitating Risk Workshop!

Facilitating Risk workshop is a mix of science, art and soft skills. Facilitator has vast experience in facilitating the workshop for small to large mega complex capital projects and Business.

GleeYM offers Strategic planning & Mind Maps
GleeYM facilitates online workshops

Facilitating Online Workshops!

Facilitating Risk workshops Online for projects, business and business functions. Certified Facilitator will engage the audience in an organized way to reach to a conclusion. 

Facilitating Risk Workshops for Digital Transformation!

In this era of machine age, facilitating a workshop for digital world is challenging and requires continuous mentoring during the session. GleeYM offer workshop facilitation for digital products, digital transformation, SAAS, business strategy, and e-Commerce, etc.

GleeYM Facilitates workshop for Digital world including Digital transformation
GleeYM facilitates workshops to brainstorm and visualize ideas.

Facilitating for Idea Visualization!

In this era of digital transformation reshaping the idea generation and presentation is crucial. Connecting the dots sequentially helps to transform the idea into product/project/business improvement. Facilitator uses dynamic, and agile approach to engage the participants.

Workshop Facilitation 

GleeYM offers workshop facilitation for:

1- Project Planning

2- Project Risk Management

3- Process Safety Risk Management

4- Strategic Planning

5- Problem Solving & Decision Making

6- Product Development

7- Digital Transformation

8- Change Management

9- Brainstorming Session using Mind Maps

10- Business Development

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Pic.1 - Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating a workshop where participants collaborate to come up with a new product or service idea. Facilitation allows each group member to give their feedback openly and suggest any changes that need to be made. It helps the facilitators see what areas the group members do not generally focus on.

As a facilitators, one of the main roles of our day is to bring everyone together: the participants themselves, as well as external stakeholders such as the director and/or workshop lead.

the role of the facilitator is to follow each meeting and encourage and support the group members to have open and honest feedback from each other. Facilitators are also there to look after the larger group by responding to questions or making changes in response to discussions.

Often, facilitators are asked to act as the ‘cultural vanguard’, a role that requires being the first person to bring others together and have them feel comfortable supporting each other’s ideas. The emergence of technology also means that many meetings now take place in virtual environments rather than sitting in-person; as facilitators, these changes also mean that facilitator skills are a must in keeping everyone aligned. Facilitators must be comfortable with the use of technology in different circumstances and with adapting their skills as required. 

Onsite Workshop facilitation by Gleeym.
Pic. 2 - Workshop Facilitation Online
Risk Workshop Facilitation Process by Gleeym
Pic. 3 - Workshop Facilitation Process by GleeYM

On-Line Workshop Facilitation

GleeYM offers on-line workshop facilitation. We offer facilitation using on-line collaboration/whiteboard application. Interactive, process driven and solution based workshop facilitation. Also, offer risk workshop facilitation using Mind Maps. The Mind Maps are visual way to collect, organize, collaborate, share and communicate with the stakeholders.   

Workshop facilitation is a proactive, systematic, and non-invasive approach to the planning of workshop activities. Process-driven workshops result in reaching higher quality plans and produce higher quality outcomes. Figure out how to create a workshop environment that enables clear, focused thinking, encourages Chairs to contribute more fully and makes sure probability maps that encapsulate the scope of activities are ready for attendees’ use.

Effective facilitators provide empathy, respect, and interest; clarify the outcomes; make sure that all participants have an opportunity to make their contribution and ensure they feel in control of their own activity; listen well and ensure that you cover as much ground as possible between participants. Ways to be a facilitator: Participate in the following activities: 

1. Position observation as a strategic resource.

 2. Appreciate when people are developing taking account of the situational context.

 3. Coordinate participation .

4. Remain active and open. 

5. Design Thinking.

You can organize brainstorming sessions and use the feedback to refine or plan further action. The overall goal is to help the group come up with its best-possible answers to the workshop questions. Work collaboratively to identify new problems, solve those problems together, and implement those solutions. This will help them display greater discipline and self-discipline, and be less reactive. Finally, facilitators compile and document the process so future workshops can learn from their successful examples and then share the information with other leaders.

Facilitator’s role is to provide the group with discreet and appropriate feedback or to open up the ideas so that the group can iterate on them. Facilitator want to provide the analysis, growth, and polish the ideas need to make them their most effective form. The work is iterative and constant. 

Quantitative Risk Analysis

GleeyM Offer services to identify risks and perform Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) and Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis (QCRA) for mega complex projects!

Unique Services for Software Selection and Implementation

GleeYM can help you with a valuable service to pick and incorporate risk management software for decision making and meeting strategic goals!

Mind Maps for Business Profitability

Want to tell your story in a creative and memorable way? Well, the GleeYM can help you.

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