GleeYM Offers Services to Enhance Productivity! How?

Project management is a proactive approach rather reactive. Similar to other project management components, Project Risk management plan ought to be produced and actualized. Stick to Demining’s cycle, for getting better results from Project Risk management.

Gleeym Inc. offers services:

1- Risk Management standard, procedure, Guidelines and templates.

2- Project Risk Management Plan

3- Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis. Performing Quantitative schedule Risk analysis (QSRA) and Quantitative cost Risk analysis (QCRA) using Monte Carlo Simulation.

4- Risk workshop Facilitation with Key Stakeholders  including Management and Contractors

5- Risk Management system

6- Risk Software Selection and Implementation

7- Decision Making Under Uncertainty

8- PMO setup and  optimization

9- MindMapping for Idea Realization

10- Training