MindMapping Solutions

Creative and Critical thinking requires out of the box, rational and objective thinking. Idea generation with one-line statement is just a kick start. Perceiving, communicating and winning an idea requires transforming and shaping information into presentable form. MindMap helps to generate, relate ideas.

Above all, a great team exercise to get buy-in from the stakeholders in a cohesive environment. While Decision tree helps to evaluate alternate ideas and select the best alternative after performing Expected Monetary Value (EMV) analysis etc. Agile and scrum methodologies are talking of progressive elaboration.

In this era of digital transformation reshaping the idea generation and presentation is important. Remember connecting the dots sequentially helps to transform the idea into product. Gear up your idea by converting it to actions to achieve goals and objectives within specified time and budget.

Area of expertise in mind mapping but not limited to:

  1. Project Risk Management; qualitative and quantitative risk analysis for cost and schedule using Monte Carlo Simulation. Enterprise Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  2. Facilitating project planning, risk and project management. Experienced with both physical and virtual)
  3. Visual project  management by integrating min maps with MS Projects
  4. PMO set up, process Improvement
  5. Enterprise Project Management software planning, deployment and implementation
  6. IT project within Agile, scrum and waterfall (hands on experience with JIRA and Confluence)
  7. Digital Risk Management (Integrating risk management with Cyber security)
  8. Process Safety, HSE and Fire Safety for Oil & Gas
  9. Product Development Physical and Virtual
  10. Digital Transformation and Change Management
  11. Trainings (Experience with both in person and virtual. )