Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis using Safran Risk

GleeYM offers training on Integrated Cost & Schedule (IRA) Risk analysis using Safran Risk. Focus will be on Safran Risk learning.




This course is designed for the beginner and advanced learners who want to learn Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) using Safran Risk.


  • Learn importing Primavera Schedule for SRA
  • Learn developing Schedule in Safran Risk for SRA
  • Learn Creating Risks and linking them to activities in SRA
  • Learn Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Learn What-if analysis for comparison
  • Learn Cost Risk Analysis
  • Learn to analyze cost elements

Course Content:

  • Overview of Safran Risk Analysis
  • Safran Risk vs Primavera Risk analysis
  • Scheduling Features of Safran Risk
  • Importing P6 Schedule
  • Developing Schedule in Safran Risk for SRA
  • Creating Risks in Safran Risk
  • Assigning Risks to activities
  • Performing SRA
  • Defining Mitigation Actions
  • Comparing S-curves
  • Performing What-if Analysis
  • Play with Layouts
  • Creating Probabilistic Branching
  • Performing Sensitivity Analysis
  • Project Code of Accounts
  • Benefit of Project Code of Account
  • Resource Loaded Vs Code of Account
  • Creating Cost Risks
  • Specifying Cost Uncertainties
  • Specifying Quantity Uncertainties
  • Specifying Fixed Cost
  • Performing Cost Risk Analysis
  • Analyzing Cost over the period of Time
  • Advanced What-if Analysis for Cost and Schedule by Analyzing various Scenarios
  • JCL Analysis
  • Exercises

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One-to-One one (1) hour session, worth $ 100, is free with course.


Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (IRA) is a combination of science, art and due diligence. Using Right technique and tool are important. Why to use Safran Risk?

There are five (5) compelling answers to satisfy you:

  • Safran Risk has been developed by the same development team who developed the Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA).
  • Safran Risk has integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis modules.
  • Safran Risk has weather Modelling calendar option for weather risks.
  • Integration with Scheduling software and Safran Risk Manger.
  • Easy to use with short learning curve.


Why GleeYM:

GleeYM is in the Risk management business. Trainer has the vast risk management experience in various industries.

We are performing the Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) by focusing on uncertainty and risks that affect the overall schedule, i.e., activity durations and completion date.

We check the schedule first and perform schedule quality checks as specified by DCMA 14-points, but not limited too.


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