Successful and effective risk management system is essential for successful project, business growth, sustainability and meeting strategic goals. Aligned and embedded risk management system is key to success. Risk management system requires to design, plan and implement a risk management system tailored to organizational portfolio and strategic goals.

Risk Management Process

GleeYM offers services like:

1- Organizational risk maturity level assessment.

2- Creating Risk management system as per ERM/COSO/PMI framework. 

3- Creating tailored risk management system for portfolio, program and project.

4- Creating risk management standards, procedures and templates as per organizational size and requirements

5- Creating risk register template

6- Defining risk appetite, risk tolerance. Creating risk matrix accordingly.

7- Documentation for qualitative risk analysis (QRA)

8- Documents for quantitative schedule and cost risk analysis  (QSRA, QCRA). Also integrated risk analysis (IRA)