Digital Product Development and Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Digitization is dominating in this era of 2nd machine age. A webinar. Worth watching it. Isn't?

The failure rate is high in case of product Development. Technology, competitors, and market dynamics are the key factors, but one can’t ignore cost and schedule.
Cost and schedule model development is the starting point to plan the development of a digital product.
Whether it’s agile, scrum, or waterfall, planning is utmost to avoid financial loss.

@RISK helps to model uncertainty to cost and schedule. @RISK has the capability to analyze the schedule without using any scheduling software and apply uncertainty.

Whether it’s agile or scrum or waterfall methodology, developing schedule and cost estimate are essential.  


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Digital product development and decision making under uncertainty -
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Quantitative Risk Analysis

GleeyM Offer services to identify risks and perform Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) and Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis (QCRA) for mega complex projects!

Unique Services for Software Selection and Implementation

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