Risk Register – Doodle

Risk Register – Doodle , a visual illustration in an easy way! Also read: https://www.gleeym.com/2019/11/20/communicate-with-risk-register/ My post related to Risk Register template was viewed by 30,000 people and more than 15,000 people have downloaded the template. I have made this doodle to describe the simple steps required to capture information in the risk register. https://youtu.be/6pUvkNm8-Hs QUANTITATIVE […]

Risk Management with Mind Maps

Schedule and cost estimates after creating mind map

It was a great interactive risk management process walk through with real examples. Discussed: 1- Risk Management plan along with its components 2- Risk Identification. Using sticky notes digitally. 3- Qualitative Risk Analysis. Discussed in details Risk Matrix and who aligned it with Enterprise Risk Management. 4- Quantitative Risk Analysis. Discussed schedule, schedule audit, cost […]

Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis (IRA). Why? 5 visuals explain it!

Summary In Oil & Gas industry projects are always complex whether onshore or offshore. Remote locations, site access, communities, resources constraints and long lead items (LLI), etc. can be challenging to execute the project. Performed schedule and cost risk analysis with uncertainty using Monte Carlo simulation for Condensate Process and Storage Facility Project.  Even developing […]

Decision Tree Analysis for Making Decision Under Uncertainty


Product Development: Before discussing anything on product development let us discuss what is the product? Precisely, a product is ‘Any Thing or Things produced’. More precisely, as per engineering and manufacturing perspective, products are purchased as a raw material and sold as finished goods. In a real world, Product can be tangible or intangible. Typically, either conceiving a […]

How to Perform PERT Analysis Manually


One – Point estimation reflects one value per activity. It is based on expert judgement, experience, expert opinion or historical information. Fear of padding is always a major concern with one-point estimation. Also, it does not reflect risk or uncertainty associated to schedule or cost estimation. Therefore, Three-point (3) estimation is preferred for activity duration […]

Quantitative Cost and schedule Risk (QCRA, QSRA) Modelling of Weather event.


Introduction Tough, rigid, and uncertain conditions ground and environmental conditions in a remote location can be treacherous. Weather calamity can be a known-unknown or unknown – unknown event with huge impact. Generally, quantitative cost & schedule and Cost (QSRA & QCRA) model are developed for catastrophic events like Hurricane, Tornado and flood etc. Case Study […]



This is article is on RISK Register. It is equally applicable to Portfolio, program, project and ERM etc. Throughout the article for the simplicity Risk Register is referred to Projects only. Key Words Risk identification, Risk communication, risk assessment, risk evaluation, risk meta-language, Qualitative Risk Analysis, Risk , Causes, Causation, Schedule, Cost, quality, Risk score, […]

Digital Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation using Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS)

Digital World, 2nd machine age

Questions: What is Digital Risk Management? Why Schedule for Agile environment? How Monte Carlos Simulation will help to answer the question and concerns of key stakeholders. Digital World: Digital electronics provides the basis for fourth industrial revolution or second (2nd) machine age. It is evolving and following “Morse Law” and expanding exponentially. Computing power is also growing substantially to provide support in planning, […]



SCHEDULE RISK ANALYSIS (SRA) – SCHEDULE UNCERTAINTY Keywords: Schedule, Critical Path (CP), Milestone, Deterministic Value, 3-Point estimates, Monte Carlo Simulation, Correlation, Iteration, Cumulative Frequency Chart, Probabilistic Branching, Distribution, Triangular Distribution, Categories, Duration, Finish Date, Uncertainty, Skewness, Positively Skewed, Negatively Skewed. Summary: A schedule risk analysis (SRA) uses a risk-based project schedule (derived from the master […]

Driving Project Portfolio Risk & Opportunity Management for Benefit Realization


Driving Project Portfolio Risk & Opportunity Management for Benefit Realization “Enhance opportunities and reduce threats by aligning sub-portfolios, programs and projects to meet organizational strategic goal”   This article illustrates the high-level components of Portfolio Risk & Opportunity Management. The risk is both threats and opportunity. The main goal is to minimize threats and maximize the […]