Risk Management with Mind Maps

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It was a great interactive risk management process walk through with real examples. Discussed:

1- Risk Management plan along with its components

2- Risk Identification. Using sticky notes digitally.

3- Qualitative Risk Analysis. Discussed in details Risk Matrix and who aligned it with Enterprise Risk Management.

4- Quantitative Risk Analysis. Discussed schedule, schedule audit, cost estimates and Monte Carlo simulation in considering real example that is ” Digital Risk Management Project”.

5- Risk Responses: What to consider and how to plan a mitigation actions. Discussed Risk Contingency and how to calculate it.

6- Risk Register: Shown risk register with example

7- Risk Communication: Stakeholder Identification, Stakeholder Analysis and communication with them on a priority basis.

8-Risk Mitigation Actions: SMART, avoid ensure and meetings words. Planned Vs Actual.

Last but not the least ” Threat To opportunity”. Develop new type of simplified BowTie with Mitigation actions instead of impacts.

This webinar was recorded for the Biggerplate PRO members.  To find out more, visit https://www.biggerplate.com/PRO

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