Risk Management with Mind Maps

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It was a great interactive risk management process walk through with real examples. Discussed:

1- Risk Management plan along with its components

2- Risk Identification. Using sticky notes digitally.

3- Qualitative Risk Analysis. Discussed in details Risk Matrix and who aligned it with Enterprise Risk Management.

4- Quantitative Risk Analysis. Discussed schedule, schedule audit, cost estimates and Monte Carlo simulation in considering real example that is ” Digital Risk Management Project”.

5- Risk Responses: What to consider and how to plan a mitigation actions. Discussed Risk Contingency and how to calculate it.

6- Risk Register: Shown risk register with example

7- Risk Communication: Stakeholder Identification, Stakeholder Analysis and communication with them on a priority basis.

8-Risk Mitigation Actions: SMART, avoid ensure and meetings words. Planned Vs Actual.

Last but not the least ” Threat To opportunity”. Develop new type of simplified BowTie with Mitigation actions instead of impacts.

GleeYM offers services in risk management, PMO, Mind mapping
Schedule and cost estimates after creating mind map
Pic - Schedule and Cost Estimate with Mind Map

Mind Mapping Services​

Areas of expertise in Mind mapping, but not limited to:

  1. Project Risk Management; qualitative and quantitative risk analysis for cost and schedule using Monte Carlo Simulation. Enterprise Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  2. Facilitating project planning, risk and project management. Experienced with both physical and virtual)
  3. Visual project management by integrating Mind maps with MS Projects
  4. PMO set up, process Improvement
  5. Enterprise Project Management software planning, deployment and implementation
  6. IT project within Agile, scrum and waterfall (hands on experience with JIRA and Confluence)
  7. Digital Risk Management (Integrating risk management with Cyber security)
  8. Process Safety, HSE and Fire Safety for Oil & Gas
  9. Product Development Physical and Digital
  10. Digital Transformation and Change Management
  11. Training (Experience with both in person and virtual. )

This webinar was recorded for the Biggerplate PRO members.  To find out more, visit

Mind Maps for Business Profitability

Want to tell your story in a creative and memorable way? Well, the GleeYM can help you.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

GleeyM Offer services to identify risks and perform Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) and Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis (QCRA) for mega complex projects!

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