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GleeYM Inc. offers services in Project Risk Management.  GleeYM Inc. offers Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Management using Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS). GleeYM Inc. offers Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA), Cost Risk Analysis (CRA) and Integrated Risk Analysis (IRA). 

For effective and workable Risk management, Risk management system is a backbone. Risk management system comprises of standards, procedures, and templates. Well structured and organized Risk management system leads to improve overall project management performance and quality throughout the organization.

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Risk Management

 GleeYM Inc. offers Quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS)

Mind Mapping

 GleeYM Inc. offers Mind Mapping to plan and execute project. Idea  Realization from Concept to Final Product

Design and creative thinking approach help to visualize your plans in an interactive way. visit