You Will Never Thought That Knowing Strategic Planning With Mind Maps Could Be So Beneficial!

GleeYM offers Strategic planning & Mind Maps

Keywords Planning, Strategic Planning, Strategic Goals, Scheduling, Mind Mapping, Mind Maps, Direction, Leadership, Business, Growth, KPI You Will Never Thought That Knowing Strategic Planning with Mind Maps Could Be So Beneficial! Introduction Strategic planning is an important part of business operation. It can help you to determine your objectives and plan how to achieve them. When a […]

Digital Product Development and Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Project Management for Product Development and Decision Making under Uncertainty.visit -

Digital Product Development and Decision Making Under Uncertainty Digitization is dominating in this era of 2nd machine age. A webinar The failure rate of digital products is high. Technology, competitors, and market dynamics are key factors, but one can’t ignore cost and schedule. Cost and schedule model development is the starting point to plan the […]

Capital Project Petrochemical Process Plant, IRR, and NPV Analysis – Webinar

Petrochemical project

Capital project for the petrochemical process plant (downstream) is slightly different from other capital projects. It requires estimating Total Installed Cost (TIC) plus Owner cost in order to find the complete project cost. Cost estimation for petrochemical process plant is comprised of equipment specification and definite plant facility information. In this case study, there are […]

Risk Register – Doodle


Risk Register – Doodle , a visual illustration in an easy way! Also read: My post related to Risk Register template was viewed by 30,000 people and more than 15,000 people have downloaded the template. I have made this doodle to describe the simple steps required to capture information in the risk register. QUANTITATIVE […]

Why Project Fails

Why Project Fails - A Mind Map developed by GleeYM

Why Project Fails – A Mind Map, Explained more than 30 Areas Why project fails? This is one of most asking question among the project management community. Even organizations are spending millions of dollars for project success. I would like to offer you the services of Mind maps to transform your ideas into reality. Whether […]