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5 Ways Risk Management Software Can Help Your Business. Are You Still Not Considering Risk Software?

Real Estate Development Project – Better way to Envisage Your Project’s Future. How? 4 Graphs are Enough to Illustrate! Keywords Risk Management Software,  Software Implementation, Risk, Schedule Risk Analysis, Cost Risk Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Risk Register, ERM, Qualitative Risk Analysis,  Quantitative Risk Analysis, Schedule, Cost, Dashboards, Data, Business Risk, Financial Risk Contact Summary Risk […]
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Digital Product Development and Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Digital Product Development and Decision Making Under Uncertainty Digitization is dominating in this era of 2nd machine age. A webinar. Worth watching it. Isn’t? The failure rate is high in case of product Development. Technology, competitors, and market dynamics are the key factors, but one can’t ignore cost and schedule.Cost and schedule model development is […]
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Decisive Decision Making for Digital Risk Management (DRM) – A Headway to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Aligning resources to remain competitive and meeting strategic goals are cumbersome in this era of “Digital Transformation”. Digital transformation is reshaping the corporate world. Pursuing the digitizing requires a sense of urgency, change management agents, and the ability to choose the optimal decision based on the data. Decision making requires Data as input and presenting data in […]
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Decision Tree Analysis for Making Decision Under Uncertainty

Why Decision Tree Analysis? Product Development: Before discussing anything on product development let us discuss what is the product? Precisely, a product is ‘Any Thing or Things produced’. More precisely, as per engineering and manufacturing perspective, products are purchased as a raw material and sold as finished goods. In a real world, Product can be tangible or intangible. […]
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How to Perform PERT Analysis Manually

One – Point estimation reflects one value per activity. It is based on expert judgement, experience, expert opinion or historical information. Fear of padding is always a major concern with one-point estimation. Also, it does not reflect risk or uncertainty associated to schedule or cost estimation. Therefore, Three-point (3) estimation is preferred for activity duration […]