EPPM Planning and Implementation using Mind Map – Digital Transformation Initiative

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Enterprise level Software Implementation Project Management using MindMap – Digital transformation project. Facilitated the workshop with key stakeholders are developed MindMap to visualize and walk through the complete project life cycle. MindMap helps to brainstorm, organize and link data. Connected the dots and realize the opportunity by developing schedule, cost estimates, resource estimates, supply chain mode, and risk management.

Project Planning with Mind Map

Mind Mapping revitalizes the efforts to Project initialization and to plan different components of the project. It helps to create a concise, to –the-point and eye-catching illustration of a project. Selecting best idea from many alternatives has always been a challenging task.  The Key stakeholders require clear, vibrant and convincing presentation for taking decision. Mind map offers flawless and interconnected approach to get through the decision process. It is more beneficial during development phases of the project.

Question when to use Mind Maps? Mind maps should consider to plan each and every component of the project:

  • Project Initialization and analyzing alternatives
  • Stakeholder identification and management
  • Requirement gathering and scope
  • WBS, schedule, sequencing activities, cost estimates and assigning resources
  • Quality control and Quality assurance
  • communicating project information and progress to stakeholders
  • Plan procurement and logistics
  • Identifying and managing Risks
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Project close out

Project Case Study

It was a challenging project to plan and implement in a shorter time (tight schedule) with budget constraints and limited resources. The project was to implement Project Management Portfolio solution for the PMO. It was an integration of more than seven (7) software along with customization of software as per demand and requirement. Project Challenges for Project team were:

  • RFQ document was missing with many key information.
  • Project was a new venture and project for a consulting company.
  • Project team was comprised of an enthusiast and expert professionals, but new to plan and implement such type of project.


I was engaged to impart training and facilitate the Brainstorming session. I developed the mind map to highlight the project requirements, scope, schedule and cost along with high-level Risks. At that point had a nitty gritty dialogue and contentions with project team. During a brainstorming session we challenge each other i.e. facilitator and project team. The workshop ended with clear objectives, roles, and responsibilities for every project team member. Mind Map structure is given underneath:

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